160 mm rotor on the back wheel?

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Andrei Petrov
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Has anyone managed to install a 160 mm disc brake rotor on the back wheel of Silvio 2.0/2.1, or could anyone venture an informed guesstimate whether 160 mm will fit? I suppose that 140 mm will perform well enough, but my preferred brake - the TRP HY/RD - has been out of stock for six months and now inly ship with the 160 mm rotors for some reason. I need to finally complete my build!

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Rick Youngblood
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Yes, I have installed a 160mm

Yes, I have installed a 160mm disc on the front and rear without interference.

Here is my thread:




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Robert Holler
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Double confirmed! It fits

Double confirmed! Wink

It fits without any issue. Be sure to dial that brake in lightly - a 160 on the back is a lot of brake for the bike.


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