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65 Miles in 3 Days

Submitted by Scott & Kim Sievers on Sun, 18/09/2011 - 18:54

We recently went riding on the W&OD trail three days in a row, totaling approximately 65 miles.  A welcomed addition to the Cruzbike gang, Kim’s dad joined us on our excursions on his Freerider.  While we aren’t ready for a century ride just yet, we are very pleased with our individual performance thus far.  Our legs were certainly tired from all the exercise, but the rest of our bodies were perfectly fine – no soreness in our arms from leaning over handlebars like normal upright bikes.  Now that we've had the bikes for a few weeks and our endurance has increased, Kim and I tested our biking ability against other upright bikers.  For several miles, we would ride at full speed.  Not only were we able to keep up with other bikers, we were passing them, including up hills!

We hope you enjoy some of our photos.  We’ll be sure to check in with you all soon and share more of our experiences.

Scott & Kim

Scott & Kim Sievers's blog
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Your post is encouraging to

Your post is encouraging to me, thanks for putting it out there for the public. Your statements about the arms was very encouraging to me, I live with a neuromuscular disability that has taken away mych of my arm strngth that I used on df bikes. The hill climbing ab ility is exciting, I have a bit of trouble up hills and don't expect all of it to neutral out, but I will certainly let you know how it works out for me once I get a Sofrider of my own in a few months.
Happy Trails,