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Being seen and Zombies

Submitted by Maria Parker on Fri, 28/12/2012 - 16:01

I spoke with a customer this morning who asked me about things he had seen on the forum.  He made me realize how lax I had been about reading the forum. I just spent about an hour perusing the forum and immediately felt that warm feeling you get when you realize you are a part of a community. Thank you Cruzbike owners and forum posters.

I have been slowly and gradually increasing both the duration and intensity of my rides  as I get ready for Sebring in February and eventually RAAM this summer.  The hardest part has been getting out and training in the cold and dark early in the morning ahead of the workday. We generally ride outside unless it gets to the low 20s which is rare in this part of  North Carolina. I have to spend an extra 15 minutes or so getting all my clothing on.

I usually wear thick tights and wool socks, three layers on the top, a Balaclava or other hat and mittens or gloves as well as my glasses and helmet and shoes.  On the really cold days I use chemical warmers both on my feet and in my mittens. That seems to be enough to get me out the door. Of course once I start working hard, I can get very warm. I prefer to be too warm than too cold.

Jim installed a dynamo hub on the rear wheel of my vendetta and it powers a terrific light on the front of the vendetta.

.vendetta light

The best thing we’ve done lately is buy ourselves some new reflective jackets after our friend was hit by a car from behind in an early morning ride. Fortunately she is ok, but it reminded us that we cannot be too visible. 

jjacket in the dark

My sister is feeling a lot better these days. She has finished her first round of Chemotherapy and radiation and has three weeks off.  She is enjoying all the free time she has not going to the doctor office every day.

I’m spending a lot of time in my effort to raise a million dollars for brain cancer ahead of RAAM.  Brain cancer is a depressing subject  so we’ve been trying to think of ways to lighten it up. One of my fundraising team saw this quote “Save the Zombie Food Supply, donate to Brain Cancer Research.”  Look for it to show up on our facebook page and website  Please visit when you can and support our effort.

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Being Seen Jackeet

Could you please comment more on the jacket in the pictures above?  I'm curious about the brand and/or where to purchase one.

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Hi Maria, Good stuff. Would

Hi Maria,

Good stuff. Would love to hear more details about the dyno hub and light. Any issues with running wiring all the way to the front?

How is your visibility from the rear? The recumbent seat will block a lot of the jacket reflective strips. Any ideas to improve this specific to Cruzbikes?


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Hi Eric: The dyno hub works

Hi Eric:

The dyno hub works well, and no, we just ran the wiring. It isn't attractive, but there is plenty to make if from back wheel to front.  

Visibility from rear:  I use three red flashing lights, one on my helmet, one on the seat stay and one on the back of the brain box I use. If there is not brain box, I just put it on the head rest.  Dan Fallon suggests flourescent ribbons tied on that have motion to catch a motorists eye.  

When I have been behind Jim, he is visible with his jacket, but I am smaller than he.  We need to continue working on this.

Thanks for your comments.