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For over a decade I've been struck by the possibilities for front wheel drive cycling - a configuration that today has proven its excellence. On all kinds of surfaces - with a load up or without, with a child on the back or not – the Cruzbike is the daily rider, Dad's taxi, the weekend sprinter, and the lazy beach cruiser all rolled into one. And given the versatility in the Cruzbike design, which to me as a designer is very important, the front wheel drive system as we have implemented it still provides excellent efficiency and ergonomics. The Cruzbike's frame rigidly supports the crank to retain your precious cycling energy, without the need for expensive construction techniques or exotic materials. The seating position, the carefully shaped seat and the full body engagement in the cycling experience, as with a standard bike, ensure an exceptional ergonomic package. Add to that the use of standard parts and the Cruzbike design offers flexibility of use, economy, safety, efficiency and ergonomic perfection, all rolled into one.

Before designing the Cruzbike and founding Cruzbike Inc., I spent ten years in the architecture profession and fifteen years consulting before being made a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants. I have BA, BSc and MBA degrees from Australian universities. I am motivated by the hope that we all have a future on our fragile spaceship earth - and a vision that there are many more exciting and practical low energy vehicles yet to be built.

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Revised lighter, cleaner Sofrider and Quest
Submitted by John Tolhurst on Mon, 15/04/2013 - 20:00
Anyone who has watched our product line up over the last few years knows that we don’t stand still and are always looking for ways to improve our bikes. We are now shipping new Sofrider and Quest, which each include a major revision: we have deleted the front suspension out of the fork. Why
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Silvio, where to from here
Submitted by John Tolhurst on Thu, 04/04/2013 - 4:35
With its development in 2006, the Silvio redefined the concept of getting a safe and comfortable road-bike like experience. Customers have been very enthusiastic, and the wonderful ride at Saratoga by Maria Parker and then her 100 mile, 200 mile and 12 hour records at White Oak cemented the Silvio t
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Training your inner self
Submitted by John Tolhurst on Fri, 15/03/2013 - 18:27
"When upper-body strength training is incorporated, Poliquin says, his cyclists see progress not just up top, but in their legs too. And your time on the bike needs more than just quad strength--your core, low back, triceps, and even your neck take a lot of strain from long bouts of pedaling.&q
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