1 Bottle Cage lightweight black (USA only)


Choose this if you want just one bottle cage.

We have selected lightweight and highly functional bottle cages at great prices. Depending on which one we currently have in stock when you order, we will send one or more your way. If you order two, we will do our best to send matching cages.
The Zefal Spring bottle cage is a great looking and functional one piece black thermoplastic resin cage. It weighs only 46 grams. This is the bottle cage Maria used on her 12-hour world record.
The Stryke bottle cage by Profile Design is of injected molded nylon/fiberglass construction and weighs only 40 grams and also comes in black. Other brands may be used.
Best of all, we supply the exact bolts and nuts that you need to smoothly mount either of these cages on your Cruzbike backrest. We suggest you purchase two for each of your Cruzbikes.