Bullhorn bars for Vendetta, or Silvio

SKU: Vbar_BH

This is an upgrade option for the Vendetta or Silvio.

Taking inspiration from the TT bars where the rider's arms lay along the bars, the Vendetta bullhorn bars are shaped to track the rider's fist and forearm and create a single form punching through the air. The bullhorn bars give excellent visibility even with the laid back seat angle.

Cables are internalised with the bullhorn bars, and exit into the slider. This avoids the need to wrap the cables against the bar with bar tape and so allows the bar to retain a narrow profile through the air (24mm). Everything matters.

The brakes have been chosen for their ability to sit behind the fork, allowing the fork crown to present a smooth profile to the air.

The control system comprises bar end shifters and lightweight brake levers. The brake levers are angled into the air. The shift levers are set up so that at running speed, both levers are pointing forward, not up into the air. The left shifter controlling the FD is a friction type, ensuring fuss free shifting at any time.

Please do consider the advantages and disadvantages before selecting this option.

Advantages of Bull horn bars
Better aerodynamics, when set up correctly
Some people prefer bar-end shifters


Fewer hand positions
Don’t use the common road brifter, which many are comfortable and familiar with
Not quite as manageable at low speeds
Cable routing during assembly is more difficult
Bar end shifters used with the bullhorn bar are unique to cruzbike, many bicycle mechanics assume they assemble like others in the market and fail to observe our assembly instructions, so spoiling customer experiences.
It’s the first two Cons that led us to fit the Sebring 12 and 24 hour bikes with drop bars.