Sebring 2012 non drafting 24 hour

Sam, 2012-02-25
474.5 miles
Maria Parker
Rekord-Klasse : 
Bicycle model: 
Vendetta V20 2.2 Frame Set

By twelve hours Maria Parker had already racked up over 250 miles, or about the same as her UMCA 12-hour record. By 11 PM, she had over 340 miles. Her son, Will, and nephew, Kent, stayed up all night tending to her needs, which weren't much. She seldom stopped, and kept the good times rolling. By 4 AM nausea through the night had limited her calorie intake and probably contributed to her pace dropping off. But she pushed through and finished the 24-hour non-drafting race with an amazing 474.5 miles. This eclipsed the previous record of 442.6 miles by a whopping 31.9 miles. Read more here.

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Wooo. For those of us in


For those of us in Australia the above record ride is a little further in distance than Melbourne to Adelaide.