Michigan National 24-Hour Challenge, Husband Wife Combined Miles

Fre, 2012-06-15
805.5 miles
Jim Parker
Rekord-Klasse : 
Bicycle model: 
Vendetta V20 2.2 Frame Set

All of a sudden, I needed to use my 39T chain ring to make it up the little short hill on the 7.5 mile loop.

That’s when Maria caught me and passed me.  I felt like the highly processed maltodextrins, Gatorade, energy bars, etc.,  just weren't working for me anymore. In addition, after being quiet since the evening, the winds picked up more fiercely than ever, with gusts of up to 35 mph.

This went on from 2:30 to 5:00 am. I was taking a break in the Cruzbike tent when I discovered that we had milk and home-made granola . I ate a big bowl and my energy came back. I felt like Sampson with long hair again. I had just about given up on making the goal of setting the husband-wife record, but with my new-found strength, I set out with fresh determination and cranked out about five more 7.5 mile laps than I thought possible.

Maria and I road only the last lap together and crossed the finish holding hands.  We had done over 800 combined miles, comfortably breaking the 773 mile record set by John and Nancy Guth of Stafford, Virginia in 2005. 

Excerpted from National 24-Hour Challenge in Michigan