Tom Roberts

I began looking at recumbents about four years ago.  A bike that was comfortable enough to ride for long distances was my aim.  While searching online, I came across the Cruzbike website.  After some time and consideration I purchased the Sofrider.  Once comfortable with the front wheel power train, I ventured out from the bike paths to the bike lanes and began riding to work.  Longer rides became a part of my weekend routine.  Eventually I purchased a Silvio. Whenever possible I ride it to work which is 12 miles round trip.  It has been my ride for several "centuries" as well as a six day 526 mile ride.  The newest addition to the Cruzbike line-up is the Vendetta and there happens to be one with my name on it.  Thanks to Cruzbike my conditioning is the best its been since high school (which was a long time ago).  I really enjoy riding my Cruzbikes.