Pramodan Marathe

I had looked at a recumbent cycle in USA in 2008 for the first time in my life. And I was zapped by the concept. I tried to buy it in USA the same time. But the price tag of 2000+ US$s made me retreat. Then back in India, I tried to build a recumbent and I failed as it became too heavy. And then in 2009 I came accross Cruzbike kit. The kit that was in my reach and would give me a recumbent in less price. I bought the kit in Australia from John. And back in India, I converted a hardtail MTB (brand new) in to a recumbent using the kit. That cycle is weighing 21 Kgs. It is sturdy one and I have clocked 600+ kms on it. I got so convinced in this, that I bought the Quest. It was a bit of stretch for me as it costed me around 60,000.00 Indian Rupees. In India, I can buy a decent 150 CC motorbike in that price. But I am sold on the folding recumbent, I can now pack it in suitcase and carry with me where I will travel for fun. I will be able to ride it there. Not that easlily concievable idea before. So Cruzbike is enabling me to live my dreams. That is why Cruzbike. I wanted to become a cyclist and Cruzbike made me a cyclist in style.