Steve Haskett

I had never ridden a recumbent before so everything was new. It took about a week for me to get used to riding in traffic, intersections and all. I’ve been on the bike about three weeks now. I’ve just started doing some short climbs with 10% grades. Does not seem to be a problem, middle chain ring and 11/ 25 gear cog. I found that as I start a climb and begin to slow down my control of the bike improves the harder I push. I also seem to have more power compared to my DF bike, even when I stand, and much less fatigue. My average speed on the flats is at least 2mph faster than the DF bike (with aero bars) and less effort. The biggest difference is at the end of the ride, I don’t feel trashed (back, neck, groin and hands) and I don’t feel that I have to spend the next two days recovering.