Need comparison for a newbie - Bacchetta G26 v S30/40

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    I thought I would start a new thread on this question. I apologize in advance if this has been discussed extensively prior. Please feel free to send me the link.

    I am new to recumbent biking. I recently got a used Bacchetta G26 and Freerider to see which type I would like better. I have ridden 2 hours on the Bacchetta and an hour on the Freerider. From the other thread, I understand that S30/40 is a lot different than the Freerider since it's lighter and smoother. I would like to get your input regarding Bacchetta vs S30/40.

    Here is my impression of the G26 so far...
    Like: reclined position, fast cornering
    Dislike: I had to spin like crazy in the lowest gear to go uphill, even just in my subdivision. I live near Seattle and it's hills everywhere. In my wobbly way going up, I also had to watch my heels not hitting the front wheel. Afterwards my neck and shoulder were tight... sort of defeating the purpose of riding a recumbent vs. regular road bike. Maybe I need to get a headrest for it.

    I am wondering, for those members who have had Bacchetta before, how you would compare S30/40 with Bacchetta - ability to climb hills (using the same amount of effort), learning curve, comfort, and just overall user friendliness.

    Thank you,

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    I have a Giro 26 ATT (with EuroMesh seat and ADEM neckrest) and just built an S40 (also my first Cruzbike).

    - Cruzbike learning curve - a little steeper. I have about 75-100 miles on mine and I'm doing pretty well, but still not comfortable pedaling hard on a downhill in high gear above about 30-32 miles an hour. Still feel a little wobbly when I get in a position where I do not have any extra room (like around a lot of car traffic). Another place I am still very careful is transitioning back to pedaling and shifting to an easier gear at the same time. I am still riding with platform pedals. I am enjoying the challenge of learning to ride the S40.

    - I can climb better on the S40 since I can pull on the bars. I can choose to spin or stay in a little higher gear. I think this is the biggest performance difference between the two bikes.

    - No heel strikes on the S40, but that will not be an issue on the G26 after you ride it a bit.

    - This is not an exactly even comparison, but I have a 13 mile loop I ride regularly and I beat my best G26 time on the S40 by a full 4 minutes the fifth time out on the S40. Disclaimer - I have also lost 30 pounds. I am still no speed demon, average speed is about 17 mph. I still have a ways to go.

    -Comfort - Upper body still tiring on longer rides on the S40 (still gripping the bars too tight), so at this point, G26 may be a bit more comfortable on longer rides. I could not get the stock neck rest to work for me on the S40. I got the suspension adjustable headrest, and after a little adjusting and bending, I like it.

    -Recline - about the same on both (the way I have my Euromesh seat set on G26). The bottom bracket is a little higher on the G26, so you might notice a bit more hot foot until you get used to it.

    - Small convenience issue – you can put a regular kickstand (with Bacchetta bracket) on a G26, but I do not see any good quick convenient kick stands for an S40 (only applies if you are one of those blasphemous people who want a kickstand :emoji_astonished:)

    Both nice bikes, with high quality frames. Both have pretty good components. But keep in mind that the S40 is almost 2X the price point of a G26.

    Bear in mind that I am a Cruzbike newbie.

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    I had an Att26. I also had an S30 and have an Qx100, S40 and V20. The S40 is faster up hill, but for me, the major difference is in the feel of control on the bikes. I never got comfortable not pulling on the handlebars on the Att 26. The steering always felt a little out of control. Once I got on a CB, I felt at home. I also think the fit for me is much better. The Att26 may have been a bit too high. All this is just personal preference. My husband prefers his Encore on the road and Att26 with wider tires on gravel.
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    Thank you both for your suggestions!


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