Ol'Yellow get a New Facelift after 11.6K Miles

Discussion in 'Race Series (V1.x, V2.x, V20)' started by Rick Youngblood, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    Rick, I have the solution to STAYING with disc brakes, as I too rate them way above rim brakes, especially when it is wet and wild weather!!!
    Remove the wheels from Big Yellow, Duct tape it to the back of your racing 1,000cc Motor bike, ride down to Jason's in 5 hours, as it is only 500 miles!

    For just the price of a second hand Carbon Fibre Tail Box, designed for the same seat as his, he would place your Big Yellow on its side, perfectly level, Power side up, on his Milling machine, and machine the tabs flat in the vertical and horizontal planes to the bike wheel CL.
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  2. RojoRacing

    RojoRacing Donut Powered Wise-guy

    :lol I was thinking about that but didn't have a good picture in my head till you said as such. I would need to make a solid though axel type jig for both front and rear stays to ensure perpendicularity. That's assuming I only need to remove material and not add.

    Something similar could be done with just the needed adaptater pieces but honestly that would be harder to calculate for someone like me.
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  3. ak-tux

    ak-tux Guru

    +1 on that tailbox!
    +1 on the beautiful paint job!

    Where did you get all those decals?

    Alignment problems not withstanding, I am of the opinion that only the front wheel really needs the disc brake. The rear wheel is best with a rim brake since it is needs a much less powerful brake

  4. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    The main use of the rear brake, is when getting OUT of the S30, so I can slide my Super Skinny body up the seat, without the bike moving!

    The rear DISK only, is also very good when descending LONG twisting declines as a drag brake!
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  5. ak-tux

    ak-tux Guru

    Good point. I agree. I believe it will stop the tendency to overheat the rim in the case of a rim brake in such scenarios?
  6. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    I was thinking of roof rack mounts for the axles, bolted to a vertical surface and some adjustable mounts on a horizontal surface to support the weight of the frame!
    Do you think Rick would part with his CF masterpiece Tailbox to get the machining done?
  7. Rick Youngblood

    Rick Youngblood CarbonCraft Master

    Never painted, this is the original factory paint job. Decals, I have a vinyl cutter and do my own decals.
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  8. ak-tux

    ak-tux Guru

    :oops: Maybe it's my eyes, my memory, or is it the photo? Isn't it golden yellow? Somehow this shade of yellow looks a little different from the original yellow Vendetta s version 1 and 1.5 ...

    Anyway it's very nice looking and well taken care of considering it was an early V ver-2.0 ?
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  9. Rick Youngblood

    Rick Youngblood CarbonCraft Master

    It's an iPhone photo, taken yesterday during a smoke filled sky giving a slightly darker tone. It is the same yellow as the original V1-1.5 and V2 production paint.
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  10. Bentas

    Bentas Well-Known Member

    Simpler graphics look better Rick ,sometimes less is more.
    Im interested in your front light set up ? Type of light? Is it rechargeable ? And how you have attached it?
  11. Rick Youngblood

    Rick Youngblood CarbonCraft Master

    Rear light is an older model Dinotte http://dinottelighting.com/

    As far as graphics, this week is, more is more week, tradition-modern road/mtb big bold graphics. Who knows what next weeks graphics will bring to the forum :D!
  12. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    Rick do you do Silvio + Cruzbike symbol decals for other Cruzbike Tribe members, even ones who have tried to give away your CF masterpiece?
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  13. Rick Youngblood

    Rick Youngblood CarbonCraft Master

    Sure do!
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  14. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    Using you black outline like these that you created for your Vendetta! Vendetta6.jpg Vendetta6.jpg cruzbike.jpg


    The previous owner painted the frame white so no Decels, only Cruzbike on the rear stay!

    See Flash and No Flash Photos, with the Boom Normal with no flash, so no Crubike Logo on the boom!!

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