Michigan National 24-Hour Challenge, Women's Record

Fri, 2012-06-15
407.9 miles
Maria Parker
Record class: 
Bicycle model: 
Vendetta V20 2.2 Frame Set

Maria Parker lost contact with the lead group due to a minor mechanical issue - probably do to a derailleur knocked out of alignment during travel. But she plugged making 407.9 miles (setting a separate record in the process) which together with husband Jim's total of 397.6 comfortably eclipsed the previous best combined total of any husband and wife team at the event. Maria's full race description is here

According to husband Jim Parker (read more here): "The temperature probe on my Garmin registered over 100F for portions of over four hours in the afternoon. A number of riders fell victim to the heat and had to stop. Between about 3:00 and 5:00 pm, the winds picked up to 15-20 mph and cooled things down somewhat. 

"By the evening, I was back in top contention. I had stayed on the 23.7 mile loop a bit longer than most everyone else. The race organizers put up a listing of “daytime” miles and I had more than anyone.  Then sometime in the wee hours, I "ran out of gas".... or more accurately, glycogen. My mental edge and power faded dramatically. I had stayed in my 52T “big-ring” the whole race, but all of a sudden, I needed to use my 39T chain ring to make it up the little short hill on the 7.5 mile loop.

"That’s when Maria caught me and passed me. 

Maria wrote afterwards: "Getting off the bike, showering, eating, resting …. these simple things become incredibly pleasurable luxuries after a long bike ride.  The egg sandwiches served at the awards ceremony tasted like manna from heaven.  What a thrill it was to win the beautiful Silver bowl for the “high mileage” female and to become the first woman on a recumbent to participate in the N24HC.  I finished with 407.9 miles which included the extra 4 miles we did off course.  My favorite moment however, was winning the award for the most miles done by a couple with just over 800 miles.  Jim won the recumbent male division and put in enough miles to cinch the husband-wife record.  Thank you, Jim, for persevering!"

Maria at 3:00 AM (see title picture, above) is an unstoppable force of nature, like the wind.

Husband and Wife Awards

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Appreciable effort by Maria

Appreciable effort by Maria and also thanks to you to let us know about that. You gave a good name - unstoppable force of nature.