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The Perfect Beach Cruiser

Submitted by Scott & Kim Sievers on Sun, 13/11/2011 - 11:11

Hello! It’s been a while since our last blog post, so we wanted to give you an update on our Cruzbike excursions. We traveled a lot during the month of October and several weeks ago, we went to the beach with Kim’s dad. He is the proud owner of two Cruzbikes (a Freerider and a Quest). In addition to enjoying all the activities one typically does at the beach, including boogie boarding, walking on the beach, and generally lounging around, we took the Cruzbikes out for a leisurely afternoon ride.

As much fun as we have riding our bikes around the D.C. area, we cannot think of a better place to ride than the beach! The Cruzbike seats are so comfortable; the fact that you lean back while you ride allows you to enjoy the beautiful views while your head is in an upright position looking forward. Moreover, since there were no hills, we could ride for miles and miles enjoying the spectacular sights while we passed other vacation goers and bikers. The beach was on a 9-mile long island and we rode around the island every day that we were there. After the first day, we realized there was a fresh seafood market at the other end of the island, so the next day we rode the Cruzbikes to pick up our dinner for the evening!

Well, this is all the time we have for now, but we’re glad that we were able to check in. In fact, we are going on another bike ride this afternoon around northern Virginia!

Scott & Kim

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