Steve Murphy

Dear, "Y'all":

I bought the Sofrider V1 for comfort, because both my back and my bottom
could no longer handle riding any sort of diamond-frame bicycle...
and the stiff triangulated drivetrain, with the short chain line....
Well, it just made -and still makes- sense to me.

Favourite rides?

-The time I passed a D.F. rider going uphill.
AFTER he'd seen me approaching and AFTER he'd sped up.

-Every ride. The seat fits me like no other.
It's even better than the seat in that B.M.W. 318i I drove for a friend.

-The time I paced a two-person paceline for two miles,
pedaling in the slipstream beside them.

-The time a fast young D.F. rider passed me uphill:
he was in his aero bars and sped by me.
(I passed him a mile later. He was kneeling in the grass on the side of the road.
I pedaled another ten miles.)

The stories go on and on.
And on.

I have, apparently, a, "Greyhound brain".
You know.
I see a bike rider.
I give chase.
The Sofrider enables my behaviour.