Jeff Parker

I Cruzbike to work in San Francisco every day I can. It's a SAFER commuter bike because my head is in a upright position and I can use my mirrors to look behind me. It's SAFER because I'm in a feet-forward, not a brain forward position, better able to kick car doors that might open in my way. When I share the sidewalk I can look oncoming pedestrians in the eye and say hi! When I share the road, I'm up high enough to look automobile drivers in the eye.  I Cruzbike so I can enjoy the beautiful scenery all around me. The Cruzbike fit nicely on the city bus bike racks, and ride on BART and CalTrain just like a regular bike. I Cruzbike because I'm comfortable without needing needing special shoes or pads and can commute in regular clothes. I'm more aerodynamic on a Cruzbike, and my Silvio is fast--faster than driving a car, and much easier to park, right by my desk! I can be anywhere in the city in 20 minutes, or less.  I Cruzbike to keep my body and brain fit!