Alex Norman

I like odd/different things, and I like travelling fast, I was attracted to recumbents. I got an old Linear frameset and built it up. It was great, nicely light & fast, except in that recumbent butt set in after long trips, its length made it slightly awkward to manoeuvre round town, and the small lightly-loaded front wheel made off-roading very tricky and gravel completely impassable.
I wanted something much lower. I didn't like complex chainlines. I saw the Cruzbike kit as a way to try out front wheel drive before building a low racer, and I put the kit onto my Mum's old mountain bike.
Then I tried riding across grass... and deep gravel... and suddenly realised I had a working recumbent mountain bike Smile For my friend's stag party, we organised a mountain-biking trip, and I took the Cruzbike along. That confirmed that the concept was up to the job, but wanted a slightly longer wheelbase, lower seat and suspension, so I ordered the V2K frame, and built it up as a cross-country bike.