Tom Kuzeja

Why Cruzbike?

For me, it was an evolutionary process. I found that I wasn't enjoying bike rides with the family anymore. After even short rides of less than 30 minutes on my mountain bike, my neck, wrists, elbows and shoulders would all be aching (not to mention my backside). I started to look for alternatives. Most "comfort bikes" allow the rider to sit more upright but I thought the position was awkward because I ended up very high off the ground. I didn't like the feeling of such a high center of gravity.

I had read about recumbent bicycles and went to try a few out. Although the seating position was a bit better, I found the turning to be awkward. Additionally, the chain so ridiculously long that it bounced around a fair amount and actually slipped the rear drive on occasion.

Research led me to the Cruzbikes and while I debated about purchasing a conversion kit, the Quest was announced and caught my eye. What a sexy bike! Everything about it intrigued me. I loved the color, the design and the fact that it folded as well. I eventually made the leap of faith and bought one for my own.

Assembly of the Quest was easy and I was soon testing my balance in a nearby empty parking lot. It was tricky at first but once I learned to relax and actually stop "trying" to ride the bike, things sort of clicked and I began to zip around without any problem. My wife and daughters learned to ride as well!

I'm back to enjoying family bike rides again and slowly getting used to people commenting as I ride. I always smile whether it's kids saying "Cool bike, Mister!" or older riders teasing "I think you assembled that bike wrong." Whenever I stop, people inevitably come by and ask about the bike which I'm happy to promote and show off for them.

So that's why Cruzbike is MY bike and will be for many years to come.