rode a metric today

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I strung together a couple of my regular routes and came up with 62.5 miles (including an extra lap of the neighborhood at the end).

Beautiful day.  Sunny, a little breezy. Started out about 60F, finished in the mid 70's.      
I need a to start eating a little sooner and do it more often. The first 50 went well, the last 10 miles were kind of rough.  I need to pace myself better too. 

Overall I'm pleased with the ride. This is the longest I've done.  Now I need to build up to 100 miles.

And this puts me at 677 miles on the Silvio. 


SE Michigan, USA.

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Rick Youngblood
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Great to see you are out

Great to see you are out enjoying your new Silvio in respectable weather. 60 to 70's wishing we were could have a little of that.

This morning at 1/4 to nine it was already 80F and climbing fast.

Good luck on 100 miler!


~ Rick Youngblood
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