Silvio S30 - NEW!

Silvio S30 Frame Sets are back in stock and shipping. Order yours today!

Frameset includes: frame, fork, seat and handlebars. 

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Unleash your speed with the Cruzbike Silvio S30. The revolutionary Cruzbike S30 allows road warriors to train longer, harder and faster. Whether you want to sweat it out, putting your weekday demons down in hard solitary weekend rides or you want to school your fellow warriors on that tough 2 mile segment, the Cruzbike S30 is your steed.

You have the discipline and the will. The Cruzbike S30 allows you to use it. No longer plagued by dangerous musculoskeletal issues and inefficient body position, you’ll be limited only by your trembling, spent muscles when you ride this recumbent bike.

The Cruzbike S30 is truly intelligent bike design, allowing use of all major muscle groups in a powerful yet ergonomic way. Be free of sore neck or back, numb butt, hands or wrists while riding in an aerodynamic position that beats even that of a traditional time trial cyclist riding in his aerobars.

Cruzbike’s powerful front wheel drive allows the most efficient possible power transfer: more effort = more speed. You can power with your legs alone... or add abdominal and upper body when needed to accelerate or climb on this recumbent bike.
Front wheel drive also allows you to equip your S30 with standard road bike components including a short chain. You'll find no frame flex and no wasteful idlers as on long-chain recumbent bikes, but still have all the advantages of an incredibly aerodynamic and comfortable body position.

The seat and headrest is designed to perfectly support your back and neck while allowing you the freedom to use your arms, chest and abs to power up hills.

The Silvio has been ridden to win races and set records, but it also has front and rear suspension making it a terrific commuter bike. It’s also a terrific bike to take a long, long way or for a pleasure ride around the neighborhood.

Silvio S30 is sold as a frameset. The framset includes:

  • Main frame with integrated seat
  • Air-suspended front triangle
  • Suspended rear triangle
  • Handlebar

Wheels, tires, components, and accessories, are sold separately.

NEW: You can now order a completely built up bike! For details and pricing e-mail

If you choose to purchase the frameset only, you may purchase your wheels, tires, components and accessories at your local bike shop or online. We recommend SRAM 20-speed systems in the Apex, Rival, Force, or Red groupet; or Shimano 20-speed systems in the 105, Ultegra, or Dura Ace groupsets.

Note: Cruzbike recumbent bikes should be enjoyed on smooth roads and paths, if you take your Cruzbike on rough surfaces, the bike should be examined carefully afterward for loose connections, bolts or damage to fork and frame.  ?


Silvio S30 version 2.2 delivers the following improvements to version 2.0:

  • Larger boom and slider for even better power delivery
  • Accommodates 11-speed systems
  • Improved front derailleur cable management for easier set up and adjustment
  • Press-fit RD hanger to keep everything in order on front wheel changes
  • 3 mm additional tire clearance on the fork
  • Accommodates up to a 28c tire
  • Improved headrest attachment
  • Additional cable adjuster position on slider clamp
  • Front light attachment point

Silvio version 2.0 delivered the following improvements to version 1.5:

  • Single hydroformed tube, replaced a three piece cut and mitred frame.
  • Better aerodynamics around the mainframe
  • improved rear wheel travel, and a softer rear suspension setting
  • Pre-load adjustment on the rear suspension
  • Headrest now standard, and is integrally mounted into the hydroform frame, with single bolt adjustment.
  • More recline on the seat, now 27 degrees.
  • Removable carbon fiber seat
  • More narrow front drop out assembly - standard MTB skewers are compatible
  • New handlebar mounting, including the ability to route wires into the slide
  • Wide bearing chainstay clamps, trickle down technology from Vendetta

Silvio version 1.5 delivered the following improvements to version 1.0

  • A completely revised front triangle
  • Drop nose boom provided better FD mounting and compatibility
  • Boom Slider redesign facilitated both very short and very tall riders on one frameset
  • Lighter pivot clamp assembly
  • Lighter slider clamp assembly




Front Suspension

Front travel is 40mm 1.5" by adjustable air head shock and carbon fiber chainstay. High pressure shock pump is included for your convenience: head shock pressure is recommended at 150 psi for riders of average weight.
The carbon fiber front chainstay allows the fork to move while providing a very stiff transmission structure. Allows for 700 x 28 c tires.

Rear Suspension

Rear travel is 25mm 1" by elastomer damping, single rebound titanium leaf spring and carbon fiber rear stay.


Especially designed for Silvio, the bars are a wider, flared version of the usual road drop bar and are designed for road bike brake and gear levers.

Vital Stats

Wheelbase: 1020mm (40")

Weight distribution with 70kg (154lb) rider: rear 50% front 50%.

X-seam range: 915mm (36") to 1245mm (49")

When build with the Chainstay Extension option:
x-seam range is 965mm (38") to 1295 (51")

The new S30 seat is one-piece carbon fiber weighing in at 1.2 lbs, a full pound lighter than its two piece carbon fiber on fiber glass predecessor.


Frameset weight as supplied is 6.5kg (14lbs) with final weight in the order of 11.5 to 12.5kg. The total weight of the complete bike will ultimately depend on the components and wheels each person selects and the accessories fitted.


Silvio comes shipped as a frameset. You will need to assemble the frameset, using our detailed drawings and instructions, downloadable from this page.


The frameset comes with:
o high pressure shock pump
o handlebar tape
o two Rear Derailleur hangers




Component Groupset

Choose from the Assembly Pack options at right.

If you are buying your own component groupset, get the Braze On style Front Derailleur and a 115mm bottom bracket.

The new S30 now accommodates 11-speed systems.

Chainstay extension

100mm or 150mm extension to the chainstay, which elevates the crank for taller riders and improves aero.


Cruzbike Aero 67s, 28/24 spoke count, aero blade spokes, deep rims and quality hubs.


I'm right at 6 foot tall. My Silvio 2.0 is perfect. It has excellent balance. There is a slight learning curve to the cruzbike due to the front wheel drive, but I've had a number of different recumbents (Vision R40, Optima Lynx, Bacchetta Strada and TI Aero) and I can honestly say the Cruzbike is the fastest, best handling, best climbing and most comfortable bike I've ever ridden.
- Robert (Oklahoma city, United States)
A few people ask if they could take pictures of the Silvio. After 4 hours and 14 minutes I completed the longest ride I had ever ridden in the fastest time in my nearly 40 years on a bike. The last 20 miles was into a headwind and with the Silvio I was passing riders half my age. The Silvio is an incredible bike.
- John (Baltimore, United States)
The ride went on and I gained confidence, not expecting much because I think after about 250km on Silvio 2.0, I was still slightly slower than on my DF (Cervelo S2). As my ride progressed I was shocked to see my average speed increasing. I felt the most confident and powerful on Silvio than I have ever been. I ended the ride with my FASTEST time ever to ride home. With traffic and lights I usually ride at 27-28kph on my Cervelo S2 (7kg carbon aero-framed and same wheelset as on Silvio). While still new on Silvio, and my first month of owning a recumbent I was shocked that my average speed was 30.3kph upon arriving home. Not a computer error! I never had such fast 5km laps and times on my DF, and I wasn't trying at full throttle on Silvio either. I hit 52kph (short rolling hills only, not steep) and felt good. I really like 53/39 and 11-32 gearing. I am topping out with 53 and 11 several times - something which I hardly ever do on my DF. So I am very glad I didn't go for the compact crankset. I am pleasantly surprised at my recent jump in speed, and how I am already faster on Silvio than on my Cervelo. This comparison of my most familiar commute route floors me. The potential in Silvio 2.0 is astounding. I don't have my 'bent legs yet and I can beat my old DF times! Silvio is gonna eat up the miles. I can't wait for the next century, and am itching for a multi-day tour in my neighbouring country...
- Ivan (Singapore)
Dear John, I have been riding bikes all my life for fitness. I am 51 years old, and at this point, I have lost count how many I have owned. Seven years ago I turned to recumbents after back surgery. Recently, I had an opportunity to trade my hand built guitar for a 2007 Silvio. The Cruzbikes had always caught my attention as they had a low seat height required for my short x seam. The deal was made. Little did I realize that this would change everything. The Silvio is more than a bike, it is an engineering masterpiece. The design is well thought out, from the forward wheel drive and moving bottom bracket component, to even something as simple as the seat angle. The bike is without question the most efficient recumbent I have ridden to date. Despite its weight, it climbs significantly better than my Bacchetta Ti Aero. The involvement of the total body in the bike makes it exhilarating to ride. Having road handlebars and gears, and a normal length chain is such a treat! This is the first recumbent that I have been able to own with 700c wheels because of my short x seam. John, in over thirty years of riding, I have never enjoyed a bike more than the Silvio. Thank you for you dilgence and passion and for taking the chance to bring to the market a bike so different, and often controversial. You truly are a brillant designer.
- Lisa (Phoenix, United States)
This is proof for me that the Silvio is definitely faster and a better climber, at least for me, than my Corsa. There is no way I could have caught up with them and then stayed with them in the hills on the Corsa - and I just have regular pedals right now ... wasn't "clipped in"! I'm LUVing it ! Don't expect to ever by another, except maybe a Vendetta on which to do RAAM ... either solo or as part of a team - gotta dream BIG! Like John Barrymore says, "A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams." I ain't never gettin' old!
- Ted (Pineville, United States)
I noticed when I got home my butt, back, neck and wrists weren't sore, just some tired legs. John you did a fantastic job in designing this bike, and I will highly recommend this to all my riding buddies, thank you again for such a great bike.
- Brian (Meridian, United States)
Thanks again for your work, because of you and your bike, I'll be riding in the Death Valley Double Century in a week, and I haven't even thought about trying a ride of that distance in 15 years. You've turned back the clock for me!
- Julius (Redlands, United States)
Cruzbike Sivio: This is an aggressive bike. It’s not just your average; you’ve not seen the like. It’s beauty is more than the curve and the line There’s so much to this bike; it could blow your mind Put power to pedal and soon you will see. It’s nimble and quick; it’s as fast as can be It carves through the corners and speeds up the hill. It eats up the miles; you won’t get your fill. Your friends will be jealous; though you’ll not hear a word I doubt they can to stay close enough to be heard. As the ravenous beauty speeds away and afar, They’ll still be out pedaling as you wait at the car. Read a whole bunch more fun like this from the forum at
- Mark (Redlands, United States)
I love this bike for the elegant frame design, the sophisticated suspension and the efficiency. Unlike a DF or conventional RWD recumbent the design gives some upper body exercise. The Silvio is a true alternative to diamond frame road bikes. See my full review here:
- Paul (Portland, Australia)
The Silvio has gotten me back into cycling. I love it. I want to thank everyone at Cruzbike, including Doug Burton, Jim Parker, & Maria Parker, for putting together and executing the sale, delivery, and support of a well thought-out and beautiful bike. It was fun to assemble and any kinks I had during the process were solved in a quick and efficient manner by the Cruzbike team. This bike is enabling me to ride again after I gave up my DF road bike several years ago due to bulging discs in my neck & back. I am quickly getting used to its unique handling characteristics and enjoying being on a bike again. I passed many club riders on my second ride out. One tried to keep up with me but I dropped him. Other than weight training in the gym the last couple of months, I have virtually no fitness. I haven't ridden a bike in over seven years. That is a testament to the Silvio. ... I was very comfortable on the bike. I rode up steep (but short) hills ... In short - I LOVE THIS BIKE!
- Rick (Manhattan Beach, United States)
I've never felt more comfortable, nor enjoyed my riding as much.
- Dan (Prescott, United States)
I just purchased a Silvio (the 2008 that was listed on your site). Cannot describe how happy I am with it already. Like it was made for me. Very fast, Very well engineered, Very comfortable. The suspension is completely underrated.
- Chuck (Waukesha, United States)
I've been riding conventional roadbikes for a few years. Three years ago I developed a shoulder rotator cuff problem that made riding very painful. I ran across the Silvio on the Cruzbike site, I thought maybe a recumbent would solve my problem ... The Silvio is deceptively fast. I am elated! No shoulder pain ... and yes I got the 'looks', not many 'bents around here. No, my legs are not ready for the long climbs, but I didn't do too bad considering it's my first real test. So for only 38 miles on my computer, I think soon I will conquer the hills, and pickup speed. So if there are other riders out there "on the fence", give cruzbike another look, I think you won't be sorry. The comfort, the total body workout ... the cruzbike quality, make so much sense.
- Randy (Piermont, United States)
I took one out and back ride on the Silver Comet Trail, and one 50 mile loop ride with a racer friend of mine. I seem to be adapting quickly to the bike ... the Silvio seems to climb more efficiently than my previous "performance" bents (Reynolds T-Bone & Bacchetta Corsa). The racer friend who was riding with me, though a stronger rider than I, was not having to softpedal up hills as I was right there with him during the loop ride. I'm looking forward to getting out on the Silvio again this Sunday morning for another loop ride on middle Georgia's rolling hills. Also I am about to sign up for the Brag BikeFest, Oct 14-16 in Columbus, GA. My 26yo son William is planning to ride with me on his road bike. The Silvio has me stoked about riding again!
- Alan (Jonesboro, United States)
The Silvio has been my main ride for over 3 years now. This bike combines the best of everything. It's fast (see my UMCA records), it is comfortable and it's just plain fun to ride. I like the seat angle; I have a terrific view of the road, but it is reclined enough to be comfortable and aerodynamic. I can easily reach my water bottles, and recently I found I can carry a pack and do multi-day events on it. When I ride it in groups, I am accepted by my road bike friends as one of them. When I ride it alone, I'm grateful for the comfort and visibility I have all around me.
- Maria (LUMBERTON, United States)