Silvio 2.0 disc hubs

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For the record: At most, an

For the record:

  • At most, an object mass counts double.
  • Rotating mass only matters when accelerating (not when climbing at a constant speed).
  • A cassette is very close to the axis, so its mass when accelerating is much less than a factor of 2.
  • All of these numbers have to be compared to the total bike + rider + stuff.

In most cases, paying for low weight stuff isn't really worth it, unless:

  • You don't have a chunk of weight you can lose off of your person (which means, not me), and
  • You're racing, where small effects still cause small differences, but races are won by small differences.

Doing tubeless instead of tubes may make a lot of sense (lower rolling resistance), for example, but not really because of the weight savings (again, at least for most of us).

All that being said, I'm not really any less jealous. Laughing out loud

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a great rationalization

Regarding weight, here's a great rationalization (especially for people in a relationship with a joint budget):
When I upgraded from my 36 lbs recumbent to a Bacchetta Corsa at about 25 lbs I vowed to loose as much weight myself. Drew applause from my wife (and I kept to it. Didn't work the next time around when I ditched the Corsa for the 20 lbs Carbent where I had no easy pounds to shed left and the price difference was two grant rather than one.

As for tubulars: have read many reports now that people who also use sealant (like Stan's) may never have a flat tires again, at least not with the most highly rated Continental Sprinter Gatorskin.

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Rohloff Hub on Silvio

The Schlitter Encore frames have:

  • Clearance for wheels up to 700c and tires up to 42mm in the rear, and 
  • Dropout width adjusts from 135 to 130mm with included spacers.

I would order a Silvio 2 immediately if I could easily fit my Rohloff wheel without having to modify the fork.

What about redesigning the fork for 135mm hubs John?