Vendetta V20 - NEW!

Vendetta V20 is shipping now! 

V20 Frameset includes: Frame, fork, handlebars and carbon fiber seat. 

NEW: Order a complete V20. Click here to order now. 

For the cyclist who craves raw speed, the V20 is possibly the fastest unfaired bicycle ever produced. Its 20-degree seat angle and strong, light hydroformed aluminum frame make it our most powerful bike.  


Vendetta V20 version 2.2 delivers the following improvements to version 2.0:

  • New single piece carbon fiber seat pan
  • Hot new color scheme
  • Optimized boom diameter
  • Versatility of boom and slider adjustment allows rider to maximize power delivery via arms and legs
  • Revised cable routing options

Note: Cruzbike recumbent bikes should be enjoyed on smooth roads and paths, if you take your Cruzbike on rough surfaces, the bike should be examined carefully afterward for loose connections, bolts or damage to fork and frame.  




Front Triangle

Stiff and light. New boom and slider allows for much greater range of adjustment.


Sleek and stiff hydroformed curve made from 7005 T6 aluminum alloy


One piece carbon fiber seat. Seat back is 20 degrees from horizontal and 580 degrees above the ground at the front of the seat.

Cushions, machine washable. Dual layer reticulated polyester open cell foam on top of EVA closed cell foam enclosed in a sportswear polyester cover.

Seat design includes lumbar support. Further adjustment to particular rider's body shape can be achieved with selective use of additional hard cell foam.

Head Rest

Single tube design. Adjustable with improved connection to frame.


V20 is shipped as a frameset including seat and handlebars.

Front Fork

Engineered exclusively for Cruzbike and to our profile design, the Vendetta fork is full alloy and polished to a deep glossy finish with clear coat. The cross section is aero and the fork profile remains narrow at the top for proper leg clearance before spreading in a bell curve to accommodate the drive wheel.

Vital Stats

Wheelbase 1145mm (41 5/8");
Total Length 1834mm (outside of tires);
Seat Height (minimum) 535mm (19 5/8");
Crank (BB) Height 780mm (shortest x-seam) to 660mm (longest x-seam);
Shortest fitting x-seam 915 mm (36")
Longest fitting x-seam 1295mm (51") (possibly more, subject to testing)

Weight distribution with 70 kg rider;
Front 50% Rear 50%
Weight distribution with 70 kg rider on 10% uphill grade;
Front 45% Rear 55%


Comes in three sizes
Large: Chainstay 584 mm
Medium: Chainstay 496 mm
Small: Chainstay 410 mm





23 lbs 15 oz fully built with components featured in photos and available for purchase with the V20 Complete product option.


Yesterday I competed in the senior games state finals. There were three time trials and the Vendetta won two golds and one silver. What a fantastic bike! The other bikers were amazed with it. If I can place in the top three next year I could go to nationals with is only held every other year for some reason. Have a great day and thanks for helping me find such a great bike!
- David (Whispering Pines, United States)
I had never ridden a recumbent before so everything was new. It took about a week for me to get used to riding in traffic, intersections and all. I’ve been on the bike about three weeks now. I’ve just started doing some short climbs with 10% grades. Does not seem to be a problem, middle chain ring and 11/ 25 gear cog. I found that as I start a climb and begin to slow down my control of the bike improves the harder I push. I also seem to have more power compared to my DF bike, even when I stand, and much less fatigue. My average speed on the flats is at least 2mph faster than the DF bike (with aero bars) and less effort. The biggest difference is at the end of the ride, I don’t feel trashed (back, neck, groin and hands) and I don’t feel that I have to spend the next two days recovering.
- Steve (Fresno, United States)
As a former Ironman triathlete sidelined by a neck injury, I thought my cycling days were over. Five years later I found the Vendetta. Skepticism, trepidation and fear kept me from buying it for almost two years. I realize now that I simply wasted two years of riding time. The Vendetta has been a miracle for me and has gotten me back on the bike and riding at the FAST, AGGRESSIVE style I used to ride during my race days. After five years completely away from the bike, and now after only 6 rides on the Vendetta, I went out for a 26 mile ride and averaged 19.5mph. I am exhilarated to see just how fast and far the Vendetta is going to allow me to go. Just when I thought that I was going to be moving on and away from riding, the Vendetta has resurrected so many goals and plans I once had that are now back on the table. As I always say: Don't take the road less traveled; make your own road!!
- John (O Fallon, United States)
This was sent to my phone: "Hi John, just a quick txt to say thx for selling me your vendetta. I was very concerned after the second day when I still couldn't ride any where near a straight line. I got past that and can now enjoy cycling again. I cannot believe how quick it is. It is everything I hoped it would be. Comfortable and fast! By the time I am back to full fitness I think I will be averaging around 40kph. My riding partner cant believe the difference. Maybe another sale at some point. Again well done and thanks. It has certainly turned some heads as I blast past other riders and groups. I love it. Regards Grant"
- John (Perth, Australia)
What V made me surprise was it was really fun!! Finally I realised I had done 170km ride although my original plan of the day was to do a test ride for 10-20 km. Since then, V always provides me an enjoyable time. V is the best bike I've ever had. Thank you for inventing the bike.
- Viwataro (Maibara, Japan)
Climbing hills earlier I was often dropped on the other recumbents I have. With the Vendetta I could easily follow them and could also have passed them if I wanted to. I never thought I would be able to write that I was capable of passing club members on climbs.
- Peder (Grimstad, Norway)
... I can push much higher gears on the V. In my build thread I mentioned that on my RWD bent I used a 22 tooth front chainring and a 34 tooth at the back. In part this confirms my weak climbing abilities but thats what it took to get me to the top of steep hills albeit slowly. On the V the ultegra triple with a 30tooth small chainring and 34 cassette gets me up the hills. If my calculations are correct the V is able to develop 30%. more distance per revolution of the crank with what feels like the same amount of power from my legs. I don't know how to explain this remarkable state of affairs in enginneering terms but there is something about the V that makes it a far more efficient bike than the three other I own. It raised the hair at the back of my neck and a shiver of emotion in the bitterly cold hours of Tuesday morning when I realised I was going to complete a very hard 400km on a recumbent. For me, the early evidence, is that the V is going to open up big possibilities for my long distance riding. This I know, the V is a cracker of a bike. John Tolhurst you're a genius and I dips me lid to you.
- Paul (Sydney, Australia)
For my first serious ride, I took the V to my local hill where I train for climbing. Its a 2.3km stretch that goes from sea level to 190m. The average gradient is about 7.5%. On my normal rear wheel drive recumbent it takes me 31 minutes, the best I've ever done is 28 minutes but at the end of that effort I was totally spent. On the first run with the V it took me 21 minutes. At first I thought that I must have got my starting time wrong. It couldn't be that on my first outing under power with the V there was a minimum 25% improvemnt in climbing performance over my usual bike. So I went for a second and a third: 18 minutes for the second run and 20 for the third.
- Paul (Sydney, Australia)
Hi Jim, Just wanted to drop a line and tell you about my progress on the Vendetta. Every time I go for a ride I am more amazed at the speed! What a great machine! Yes, there is a bit more of a learning curve but it went much quicker than I thought it would. I have a top of the line Lightning R-84 carbon recumbent. It is very light and is advertised as being very fast and a good climber. The Vendetta is faster on the flats, faster decending, and noticeably faster climbing, thanks to the front wheel drive giving the ability to use upper body to help with the climb. All and all, I am thrilled with the bike. At age 60 and with two artificial hips I was able to set a PR in a metric century be averaging over twenty miles per hour. I could not do that when I was thirty! Thanks for helping me with such a great bike! Regards, Dave
- David (Whispering Pines, United States)
I'm a french Cruzbike dealer and I'm very satisfied with the Vendetta; it's my favourite bent because it is very efficient when I'm climbing hills (perhaps a little more than the P38 Lightning) and on the quite flat valley journey it is more efficient than my Metaphysic. I can compare because I made a classical trip-with 5Kg luggage (for me) 70 Km and 450 m of positive climb, at 36,2 Km/h average, it was my first attempt and with only 300 km training. With the same luggage on my Metaphysic my best average were 33,4 Km/h. I could ride with the Vendetta from August to September 2011 (4000 Km with many passes on the french, swiss and Italian Alps. During an 8 days journey with 12 Kg lugages I have been to the Gavia Pass 2618 m, I start from 600 m at 9 O'clock on the morning and I arrive on the top at 12 O'clock. There is 17 % slope and it was really great to climb on the silent because other bent are always noisy (because the chain pulley). I could made the last 17 km and 1400 m slope on 2h 10 min (with 10 min rest). On the afternoon I climb from Bormio 1225 m to Umbrail Pass 2500 m. American people don't know this pass but I'm 53 year old now and I really enjoy to climb quite so fast (with 12 Kg luggages instead of 18) than when I was 38 year old. I'm so enthousiastic I become a little talkative, sorry... I think it's a very good bike; thanks a lot John and Cruz team Jim and Maria, I was waiting this kind of bike since many year (I built my first recumbent 22 years ago).
- Gabriel (France)
My V is set up as a 40K time trial race bike.The handlebar modification tucks in my arms and hands for a compact riding position. The hydration pack, pump and tools will be placed in back of the seat to keep air flowing past my torso as clean as possible. The Vendetta is a bike with superb design quality and very high production standards. I am looking forward to riding and racing the V.
- . (Uzbekistan)
I got my Vendetta two days ago and today has been my second ride on it . 60 kilometers uphill and downhill. I thought I knew what to expect since I own a Silvio too but it is still better than expected. It is a great bike. It is stiff, light and easy to handle either riding uphill or downhill at high speeds. You feel very secure on it with your arms resting on the bull horn handlebar. And it goes faster than the Silvio on flat roads. The Silvio does climb well and so does the Vendetta but it feels easier on the Vendetta. I have ridden many recumbent bikes but I very sincerely think that the Vendetta is the most accomplished one so far.
- anne (collonges, France)
As the designer, I am biased. I will testify how and when I ride Vendetta. I ride it hard, when I want to go fast. Vendetta is 7% faster than Silvio. A rider who can ride Silvio at 20mph will ride Vendetta at 23.5mph.
- John (Perth, Australia)