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  1. MrSteve
    Logging in, ticking the useless 'remember me' box. EVery DAy.
  2. kling
    Need more bike parking space
  3. Charles.Plager
    (Had to log in again today.)
    1. John Dorlon
      John Dorlon
      I haven't had to re-log in lately. Maybe something is clearing your cookies.
      Dec 26, 2017
  4. Charles.Plager
    (Had to log in again...)
  5. Charles.Plager
    Why do I have to log in every day (when visiting using the same browser)? This is a new "Feature."
  6. Bentas
    Bentas ratz
    Hi Ratz
    Just saw your recent post re gear for sale, don't suppose you have a used Tri rig font calliper brake up for grabs , never hurts to ask..
    Cheers Bentas
  7. Paul Sherman
    Paul Sherman ratz
    So, Ratz, I am new to the Forum. How do I write a post? I don't see an option anywhere for starting a new post? Thanks.
    1. castlerobber
      Go into the specific forum you want to post in (Adventure Series, The Bike Rack, whatever). There'll be a "Post New Thread" button in the upper right, just below the search box. Click that to get started.
      Sep 12, 2017
  8. Lief
    Still suffering from PTRD (Post Traumatic RAAM Disorder) - my awaking moment filled with a sense of urgency drilled into me over 6D 12H 26M.
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  9. Max Id
    Max Id ratz
    Hi Bob,
    Can you please suggest if there are people on the forum who managed to get a working Shimano 105/Ultegra build with a V20
    without using extra spacers/washers/frame modifications?
    Thank you very much!
  10. Max Id
    Max Id Mwhwsmith
    Hi, I've recently started building a V20 with Shimano 105 groupset.
    You seem to be succeeded with the build, so I need your advice!
    I've got a Shimano 105 11S 50-34 chainset, and a braze-on FD.
    However, there seems to be too much clearance between the FD cage and the biggest chainring... Can you please post a few close-up pictures of your chainring?
    Thanks a lot for your reply!
  11. WOB
    WOB Doug Burton
    Incidentally, one of my Quests is a V2 and I’d like to lock out the front shock; or replace it with a fixed one if those weigh less.
    Can you assist me with those two pieces of information? (come to think of it, I’d also be curious as to weight difference between the short & long chainstays for the Quest)
    Hope this finds you well and thanks for your time & insights! Bill
  12. WOB
    WOB Doug Burton
    Hi Doug,
    In looking at an older post on adjustment of the Diatech Comp headset, I’ve been meaning to relate that I find it preferable to invert the bike and position it in such a way that the headset is pretty much vertical. Else when upright I find that the offset angle of fork/wheel tends to cant things and makes it harder to adjust.
    I presume this headset is still being used on QX100 and hence remains relevent?
  13. ratz
    Happy dance, my redesigned FLO 90's shipped today, 6 months tardy, let's hope they work this time.
  14. Paul Sherman
    Paul Sherman Robert Holler
    Check out the headrests on the CatTrike bikes. Looks much better than ours. As a neck fusion survivor, I need something a little more adjustable
  15. ratz
    oh my. +12 inches of snow by friday night. Time to go back to florida
  16. jond
    jond ratz
    Hi bob all set up for super coach ratz. Where do I start.
  17. ratz
    Was reding DCRainmaker and lo-and-behold a V20 ad appears on the page.
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  18. ratz
    ratz Robert Holler
    1. Tom Roberts
      Tom Roberts
      Thanks Bob. I just ask Robert for a picture before a read your post.
      Aug 20, 2016
  19. Robert Holler
    Robert Holler
    Tom, I locked mine down with a small hose clamp. Just pull the boot up and clamp the shaft.
    1. Tom Roberts
      Tom Roberts
      Thanks. I've never looked under the boot so it may become obvious, but a picture of what you have done would be appreciated (if you have time).
      Aug 20, 2016
    2. Tom Roberts
      Tom Roberts
      Forget my above post (expect for the "Thanks". Ratz posted your picture of the mod.
      Aug 20, 2016
  20. Tom Roberts
    Tom Roberts Robert Holler
    Hey Robert, At the retreat you mentioned there was a way to lock down the front shock on the S30. ...knowledge which I never gleaned from you. Would you explain how to do that? I would like to see how different the bike feels and handles.