Another Cruzbiker in the Willamette valley

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    The bottom bit of text and photo is from a FaceBook post I made 2 weeks ago.

    I had made contact with Ivan through this forum and met him at a local club's benefit ride in Salem back in April. For that ride he choose to ride his Eliptigo rather than his Vendetta.
    He contacted me recently requesting we do a ride together.
    He lives in Eugene, about 45 miles south of Corvallis.
    We decided to meet at my house and I invited another friend who rides a DF to come and join us for a scenic 60 mile ride.
    Ivan is the only other Cruzbiker I have met in the mid valley area.
    He is young, strong and fast but not quite steady on the Vendetta yet.
    The day after we did our ride he participated in my club's Covered Bridge Ride and he rode his Elipitigo again!
    Maybe if he spent more time on the V he would become more acclimated to the bike, (hint, hint Ivan).
    I also tend to think that if he gripped the bars instead of the brake hoods he would notice a decrease in the side to side front wheel movement.
    There is no doubt though that doing long, hilly rides standing upright on an 8 speed Elipitigo makes Ivan an exceptionally strong rider.

    It was really fun having a rare chance to ride with another Cruzbiker.
    We hammered on the way back, eventually dropping the other rider when he slipped out of our minimal draft.
    Someday, someone in this area is going to notice how fast and fun these Cruzbikes are and is going to contact me for a test ride.
    As for now I only know of Ivan and one other Vendetta owner in Salem.
    I met the Salem CB'er at the Covered Bridge event lunch stop where I was volunteering for mechanic duties. He noticed my Cruzbike cap and said he owned a Vendetta but preferred riding his Trek because he could just jump on and go without dealing with the learning curve.
    My advice to him, had he asked for it, would have been to just ride the darn thing for a month or so until your brain gets rewired to the FWD, MBB platform. Once everything clicks into place you will want to ride the far more comfortable, aerodynamic and faster bike.

    "Yesterday I had the chance to ride with another Cruzbiker, Ivan from Eugene. He & Bruce Hecht and I did the Buena Vista, Jefferson, Albany loop. We were too fast for Bruce on the return trip so he peeled off at Albany to check out the farmer's market."

    ps That's me on the right and Ivan on the left.
    Photo courtesy of Bruce Hecht.
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    It was a very fun day! I really should ride the V more often! Corvallis area is very scenic. The ferry ride across the Willamette was fun too. IMG_20170812_102647720.jpg
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