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    Hi all,

    While not CB specific, this is the latest incarnation of the British Human Power Club race results. I haven't seen them presented like this before and rather like it.

    Steve Slade is the closest we have to Rojo, but when he gets out it's rather like chancing upon a Formula 1 car and watching Gandalf himself climb out of the cockpit. There really is something to be said for fully faired. Interestingly, his Beano is FWD MBB, admittedly with rather restricted steering, plus launch/recovery undercarriage.
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    Results have a strava flyby style map which is pretty cool. Not a single CruzBike in all those results. Are CruzBikes super rare in the UK?
  3. RojoRacing

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    My favorite chart in those results is the line graph showing position progression. I like to see someone climb through the ranks as the race goes on.
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  4. McWheels

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    So far as I can work out, US manufacturers are rare. I've not seen Bachetta previously to that race and when we had it, the TerraTrike Cruiser was also the only known example to have competed.
    I think I'm the only V2k in the UK, but certainly I know of a few Silvios and Vs cutting around, just not at these races.
  5. I might go to the next one. The track is five minutes ride away. If I do it it will be the nearest thing to Sebring that I will ever do. Redbridge track is built on the side of a hill, so I can outclimb the faired people. I think.
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    I might go over either on Sunday or Monday morning to have a look, it's a little over 10 miles from where I am. I'll treat it as a training ride and see how I get on if I do go over there. I've got a power meter so it'll be interesting to get some data on a closed circuit and how I'd fair if I was to race.

    Unless it was a just a meet I don't know why you'd group a two wheeled fully faired bent in with some stock trikes - but anyways. Good to see that Mike Burrows is still about and racing too although he was a DNF.
  7. McWheels

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    It's all done on different categories, 2-wheeler fully faired, part faired (behind the rider only), unfaired; multitrack faired, unfaired etc. The races are just groupings by approximate speed. From time to time we get some upwrongs, no special category for them, and they get routinely destroyed.

    What would it be to have a fully faired Vendetta, a V^2 (Velomobile-Vendetta)?
  8. If I do it I will have to take the lights off. The front light is attached to the B bracket, and they think that is dangerous if you crash into someone. They require a bash ring so I got one, but the chainring bolts are not long enough to hold it.

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