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    I'm currently, and have been for a few years, a Bacchetta Corsa 700c rider. Switching to a recumbent got me back into road cycling, just like going to a full suspension 29er got me back into mountain biking. My 60 year old body couldn't take the beatings anymore.
    I love my Corsa, but want to try out a FWD MBB design. I attended the Cruzbike event in Philly about a year ago, (where I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Maria,) and got to ride around on a Silvio for a bit. I liked it...a lot.
    But being a recent retiree and downsizing from large house to a much smaller house and from a paycheck to a fixed income, I can't just go and buy a new bike whenever the whim strikes.
    So, I wait to see if the whim stays with me. And it has.
    I want to try out a late model Silvio for longer than an hour or so parking lot excursion. It's hilly where I live in NW Jersey. I want to test out the Silvio on my terrain and see if it out performs my Corsa, that I love if you remember, as I think it might.
    Now I'm on the search for a used Silvio. Who's upgrading to a V40 or V20 and needs to move their V30? Call me! Or e-mail me, whatever.
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