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  1. LarryOz

    LarryOz Zen MBB Master

    Here is my latest video of me taking a pretty old KOM on my Vendetta.
    I think I took 5 or 6 during the 2 1/2 hours I rode around, but this was probably the best one.
    This was down one of the last roads of the Raven Rock Ramble that some of us rode 4 days earlier.
    Doug Kline lives nearby and he and his wife learned to ride their Vendetta's on this very nice, basically quite road.
    Doug led me out - but he was so fast it was not really a lead- out! :p

    Funny - the guy I took it from accused me of only going out and riding just the segment to capture the KOM (even though I had already been riding and doing hard intervals for 90 minutes prior. Then he tells me he captured the KOM with a large group led by 5 prior Pro-Am racers - with a decent tailwind. What nerve!:eek:
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  2. trplay

    trplay Zen MBB Master

    Holy cow, nice ride Larry! Dad gum it guys, why don't you, Jason. Jim, etc ride in some of these major events as a train and set some serious records?
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  3. Lief

    Lief Guru Schmuru

    Pushing over 300 watts for that long?-I would pop.

    Nice kom.
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  4. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    I could NOT achieve 300 watts to start with!!!
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  5. DavidCH

    DavidCH In thought; expanding the paradigm of traversity

    That road looks as though it's been purpose built for crazy fast cycling. To me it's the red carpet of roads. Lucky chap
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  6. pedlpadl

    pedlpadl Well-Known Member

    I spent a lot of time learning to ride my Vendetta on that road t00. Nice pavement and very little traffic. It is a really fast stretch. Especially if you're Larry. Nice KOM!
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  7. Larry/Doug, where exactly is this? I live in North Durham and it looks like a fun challenge and training site. I have the RRR maps-any indicator of mile or road will be great. Thanks
  8. Doug Kline

    Doug Kline Well-Known Member

    It's Shearon Harris road in front of the nuclear power plant.
  9. Lief

    Lief Guru Schmuru

    That explains the speed then.
  10. LarryOz

    LarryOz Zen MBB Master

    Yeah - you glow as you go by! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
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  11. CruzLike

    CruzLike Well-Known Member

    Just as Spider-man was bit by a radioactive spider to give him super abilities and David Banner was exposed to too much gamma radiation and when he gets mad he becomes the Hulk. Wait... The Hulk. Weren't you looking for a nickname?
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