Do you ride a Cruzbike as part of recovery after a stroke or heart attack?

Discussion in 'Find a Local' started by Genevieve Parker Hill, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Hi #cruzbiketribe. I'm fielding this question and wondering if this is you or you know anyone who could speak to this:

    "I had a stroke about 6 months ago and will make a full recovery. Do you know anyone who has had stroke and now rides a Cruzbike as part of their recovery?"

    Thank you!
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    back in dec. 2001, 56 y.o. workaholic, no physical activity, I ran into a hearth attack. Followed a couple of months to reconfigure my life style, gym 3 times a week and some occasionnel cycling on a DF. After my professional retirement in 2011 I joined a local Cycling club. Rapidely my back, butt and wrists were suffering from the DF position. So I bought a trike. With the trike a had difficulties to follow my buddies on their road bikes. So the decision came to buy my Silvio 2.1. No more suffering and no problem to keep-up with my buddies.
    Conclusion: The heart attack is history, although the power is certainly less than it would be without that experience. The most important is FUN.
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  3. Thank you @mzweili Inspiring story and love the attitude -- it's all about the fun!
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    I don't know his exact story but I have a recumbent acquaintance over here in the Bay Area who had some kind of cardiovascular issue a few years back and now has to keep his power output low so he compensates sometimes via electric assist. I think too much of his life has been tied to bike for him to ever give them up. He doesn't own a CruzBike yet but I did talk to him for quite awhile during a ride last year and even got him in contact with Jim and Maria about adding his shop as the only NorCal CruzBike dealer.

    Not sure if your story needs to be directly tied CruzBike ownership but if you'd like to talk to him send me a PM and I'll get ahold of him. He and his other buddy both have the same problem and use electric recumbents and they seemed to be able to list off a few others who used to frequent the double century events in CA who have also suffered from the same cardiovascular issues.
  5. mzweili

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    I did some inquiry for electric assist (Omni-Wheel). Here the info I got from John O'Donnell at
    The Cruz bike is a great platform for the Omni. Honestly, it's probably the best fit out there even compared to conventional bikes since it puts the disc wheel in the back--so handling is very stable and the throttle control works great.
    Once if I have some balance and/or power problems I may try the Omni-Wheel.

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