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Discussion in 'Sofrider' started by xjcampx, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. xjcampx

    xjcampx New Member

    Test rode my first electric bike last week http://www.revelobikes.com/ and was impressed with hub motor.
    Did a search for cruzbike electric conversion and found some very nice designs from several years ago but nothing current.
    Are there any Cruzbikers tinkering with electrical assists for the rear wheel?
  2. Laurent

    Laurent New Member

    Cruzbike electric conversion

    Look in at the " I dared doing it " topic of the "Sofrider and Freerider Brag Board" Forum. Hope it will be interesting for you.

  3. Kungfuguy

    Kungfuguy Member

    That Revolobike is

    That Revolobike is interesting. It certainly solves urban commuting and alternative tranportation problems. It hit the mark in trying to find a solution to a problem. Small, compact, light and simple. But it lacks aesthetics! Where's the sex appeal? Great industrial design? It looks like a custom hack. I'm not trying to put down the bike. It's a great first model. It needs some pizzazzz!

    Here's another alternative transportation. See the difference. Night and day.
  4. Nanda Holz

    Nanda Holz Active Member

    I've done 4 electric CB conversions





    Here are some pix:




    They are certainly fun to ride, and can motor up the hills in San Francisco :)

  5. mikalow

    mikalow New Member

    Has any one done a crank drive on the front

    Just a curiosity
    Have a IGO Titan love the power to the crank but the rear gears do not especially the little gear that most always slips cause of to much force on it
    Thinking with a NuVinci? hub would be great and electic crank drive the Soft rider would be awsume.
  6. baov

    baov Active Member

    Is the rear dropout the size

    Is the rear dropout the size of normal front dropouts?
    If not wouldn't you have to use rear hubs which means unnecessary dished spokes and gear cassettes.

    EDIT: NVM, now i know the rear dropout is made to the width of a normal front dropout.
  7. Frisard

    Frisard Active Member

    I realize your post is three years old; hoping you respond. I have a qx100 I recently purchased, and an electric kit to install. Can you share any info about your install. Thnx.
  8. Rocky1405

    Rocky1405 Member

    I would like to add an electric conversion kit to my q559 - any suggestions as to what to buy will be greatly appreciated. i could use a little help getting up some of the steep hills in my area.
  9. Frisard

    Frisard Active Member

    I used a 500w motor kit from Leed https://www.e-bikerig.com/?utm_sour...adroll&utm_content=static&utm_campaign=adroll without the battery and rack. The kit is outstanding with good motor, cabling, good PED, etc. Ask for the brake cutoffs. Then, go to Grin Technologies in Canada, and check out their LiGo packs http://www.ebikes.ca/shop/electric-bicycle-parts/batteries.html If I had not already gone another direction, I would buy 5 of these packs.
    Look at my posts.
    Good luck, and let me know how it goes.

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