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Discussion in 'Forum Admin' started by TheCaki, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. TheCaki

    TheCaki New Member

    Hi guys:
    Since joining the Cruzbik forums I've been noticing that some days it not responding or very slow that borders the unusable. Right now for example, pages are timing out due to network error. I'm accessing it from my company network that is unlikely to be the culprit, but I've also experienced the issue from home. Anybody else experiencing the issue?
  2. Mark B

    Mark B Zen MBB Master

    No problems, for me. I get on and do what I want from home and from work..

  3. Zzzorse

    Zzzorse Guru

    No problems here, can't remember the last time when there was something amiss.
  4. tiltmaniac

    tiltmaniac Guru

    No issues here either.
  5. mzweili

    mzweili Guru

    Works fine today. Last week, using TOR browser I got cut-out when refreshing. Today no problem
  6. ChaleJake

    ChaleJake Well-Known Member

    I have no problems on my home wireless network with an Ipad.
  7. cranky cyclist

    cranky cyclist Well-Known Member

    I have occasionally had problems with speed. Usually a refresh does it. I just refresh the browser and it is there. This has only occurred about five times in the past seven months.
  8. bladderhead

    bladderhead Zen MBB Master

    Same circumstances as ChaleJake. Never any trouble.
  9. TheCaki

    TheCaki New Member

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll do some investigation to understand why I'm having these issues.
  10. cranky cyclist

    cranky cyclist Well-Known Member

    This problem went away after I had my computer cleaned of malware. I also had installed Malware bytes. This is on a Mac computer. Malware slowed down the entire computer. Fast as ever now. So maybe have your computer checked for malware.
  11. Balor

    Balor Well-Known Member

    I have same problems both at home and at work.
    Funny thing is, that problems begin when I'm logged in. When I'm logged out, the forums work fine.
    No malware, this forum is the only one that experience massive slowdowns for me.
  12. Balor

    Balor Well-Known Member

    By the way, everything works fine now. Thanks, I guess :)
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