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    Hi All
    Last fall I began training for Sebring. I bought a trainer and worked all winter indoors. I joined the 4F training program and worked hard for 3 months. During the time of almost daily rides. There was some banter online in a thread "What did you do to prepare for Sebring" . Riders could choose there schedule depending on when they want there rest day. One rider was a day ahead of me and would comment about the ride. I knew if he could do it I could do it. That was very helpful during some times I wanted to hoist the white flag.

    Since then I have changed training plans and the workouts are quite different. The workouts focus on VO2 max and endurance at a high level. I have struggled to keep going. Sometimes completing a workout would be difficult or impossible.

    Five years ago I would have told you that cycling is all about physical stamina. I was wrong. What tells me to stop when things get hard is between my ears. If my minds not in it, I'm not in it. That could be applied to training or competing.

    I would recommend anyone competing in an Ultra event, especially a 24 to watch this video. I believe it has explained some of the problems I have had with achieving my goals on my bike.

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