Mid Atlantic Ultra 2017

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  1. Tigerpaw

    Tigerpaw Well-Known Member

    who is going?
  2. LarryOz

    LarryOz Zen MBB Master

    It is the closest event to my house at only 6 hours away - so I am going!
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  3. trplay

    trplay Zen MBB Master

    I digress, but the closest race to your house is actually at your house. The Zwift Thursday Asia race is starting in under an hour. After the Asia race race you have many more, almost inside every hour throughout the day . Just saying :)
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  4. Tigerpaw

    Tigerpaw Well-Known Member

    Hardy, Marshall is signed up for the 12 hour. You and Connie going?
  5. trplay

    trplay Zen MBB Master

    I never say no, but not planning to at the moment. It's looking like a great field of riders. It will be hard to pass up.
  6. Doug Kline

    Doug Kline Well-Known Member

    Not signed up yet, but I'm thinking 12 hour.
  7. LarryOz

    LarryOz Zen MBB Master

    This event should be the next best thing to the Cruzbike Retreat later in the year!
  8. Tigerpaw

    Tigerpaw Well-Known Member

    I'm planning to go to the retreat too. :)
  9. Doug Kline

    Doug Kline Well-Known Member

    I signed up for the 12-hour. I've gotten my DF up over 200 miles in a day 4 times with 208 miles being the longest. I was too painful to go any further. My goal is to PR with more than 208 miles.
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  10. CruzLike

    CruzLike Well-Known Member

    I'm registered. 12 hr ride.
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  11. I'm registered for the 12 hour. My first Ultra race. Hope to do my best and will be sure to cheer on the cruzbikes I see out on the road!
  12. ratz

    ratz Wielder of the Rubber Mallet

    Which bike you taking?
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  13. Doug Kline

    Doug Kline Well-Known Member

    It's completely flat on the Mid Atlantic course...solo riding...with winds...so the V20 of course. Although I haven't been on it since cannibalizing parts for the S40.
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  14. CruzLike

    CruzLike Well-Known Member

    Wooo! look at that forecast. I doubt the forecast is very accurate 8 days out.

  15. Tigerpaw

    Tigerpaw Well-Known Member

    Now, just need the dewpoint to be 40 or less.
  16. LarryOz

    LarryOz Zen MBB Master

    Everybody that is going to the Mid-Atl. I have a friend "Gerry " who is looking to share hotel room with if anything is available. We have gone to lots of UMCA events together and shared rides and lodging to and from. I already had plans for Washington though, so he is looking for someone else. Please let me know.
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  17. BJ686

    BJ686 Active Member

  18. LarryOz

    LarryOz Zen MBB Master

    Jim won. He is the UMCA Century National Champ!
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  19. Jim Parker

    Jim Parker Cruzbike, Inc. Director Staff Member

    I did NOT expect to win this race. I almost decided not to even make the trip because I have been nursing my right knee, which I injured a couple of weeks ago running stadium stairs at the local high school. And then about a week ago I caught my grandson’s cold and have been going through the sore throat/ runny nose/cough sequence… currently in the night-time cough can’t sleep phase. So did I have a lot of excuses or what?! Oh, did I say I haven’t been training on the bike much, because I’ve temporarily switched to running while getting ready for the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim hike/fundraiser next month? Then why did I go? …I wanted to help Larry win. I knew he could probably win without me, unless Team Schlitter showed up, and then he would probably need my help.

    Maria and I left our house this morning at 4:00 AM and when we pulled into the parking lot where the race starts at 6:45 AM, we saw the three Team Schlitter racers (Jesse Groves, Alex Strouhal, and Sandor Kormos). These guys work well together and are very strong racers.

    I told myself I would work one lap hard (25.3 miles per lap) and if my knee started hurting I would drop out. I took two Advil right before the start. The Advil must have worked because I found myself in the second and third lap chasing down break-aways by Alex and Sandor. Larry was doing a lot of pulling, and I would take over to give him a break. Then at the end of the third lap, Larry got his first muscle cramp. The incredible TT performances he has been doing must have left him depleted. I found myself on the 4th and final lap with Team Schlitter and a guy on a Carbent. For the first part of this lap, there was one or two of the stongest DF racers still hanging on, but they soon fell off.

    Don’t ever count Larry out. Somehow he caught back up to our group. Hooray, Larry was here to save the day. Then another cramp hit him, and he dropped back. Then he recovered, and then he came back again. Each cramp hurt so much that he screamed in pain, a sound that carried all the way to the front of the paceline, where I was exchanging pulls with Jesse, our speed around 20 mph because we both wanted to save something for the finish. With Larry’s final scream, I knew I couldn’t count on Larry to win this. So I needed a new plan, and fast.

    That’s when I saw a good opening. There was one small climb, about 3 miles before the finish. As that climb approached, I pounced. I figured a climb, even a small one like this, would give me my best shot at a clean break. Alvin Maxwell, the race director, was watching from a car and he said I opened about a 15 second lead on the group. Fortunately I was able to hold it all the way to the finish, to earn the white jersey of the UMCA 100-mile National Champion.

    Here is my Garmin data for the last 10 minutes. You can see where I attacked at about 4:02. Peak power was 582W.

    Alex came in 2nd, and, amazingly, Larry came in 3rd. Again, don’t ever count Larry out. He just barely nipped Jesse out for a podium spot.

    Other notes:

    During and after the race, the Team Schlitter racers were very sportsman-like. Team Cruzbike and Team Schlitter did not cooperate in the pulls very much. Attack and go slow, attack and go slow, seemed to be the modus operandi, but that is a viable strategy, and it certainly helped drop a lot of the DF racers. Our overall time would have been much faster if we had cooperated in a sustained fast rotating paceline, but that might be too much to ask for.
    Larry and I got to be on a podium together again, which is always fun.
    There were six Cruzbike racers, many doing the 12-hour and we got to cheer some of them on as they came through the pit area. So great to see so many of the Tribe racing.
    Maria won the women’s 100-mile race in 5:19 (my time was 4:09).
    My only intake during the race was water and electrolytes. I’m well into my second year of a low-carb diet and my body is now good at burning fat.
    Equipment notes - Boyd tubeless wheels (60 mm rims), SRAM ETap, and compact Q-rings.
    Maria and I had to leave for home, so we do NOT know how the 12-hour racers finished. It was getting VERY hot in the afternoon.

    That's all for now. Larry might need to offer some corrections, but this account is to the best of my memory.


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  20. trplay

    trplay Zen MBB Master

    Whoo hoo, Nice job to all three of you!
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