Mounting the Vendetta on a Kinetic trainer

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    The fall has been beautiful in Western Oregon this year, but I know the rainy days are not far away, and am planning ahead.
    Last winter I focused more on my efforts with the ElliptiGo and I bought a Kinetic Rock'n'roll Smart Control trainer to use with Zwift.
    This winter/spring though I am hoping to stay in better cycling shape, as I am planning to be one of the few (or the only?) recumbents at the Oregon Gran Fondo, scheduled way too early in the active season.
    So far the plan is to outfit with fenders and keep riding the Bacchetta as a winter bike for group rides, the ElliptiGo for commuting and cross training and the V would go on the trainer and I can join the tribe on Zwift.
    But the Vendetta's skewer does not fit the lugs of the trainer and the trainer's skewer is too short for the Vendetta's axis. o_O
    Now what? Anyone with a similar problem?
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    You'll need one from a tandem @RojoRacing should be able to remind us the length needed.
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    My hub is 145mm - the Velocity wheel with disc option. The skewer that came with the bike, which measures 185mm from the middle of the lever's axle to the end is barely engaging with a couple of threads. I am actually surprised that manufacturer allowed it to be like this.
    I cannot mount the original one as it seems it needs to have more of a prominence on the locking side to engage in the cones of the trainer, like the old Shimano type. The DT Swiss lever seems too large to fit in the notches of the cones, just as the cruzbike one is :(
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  6. velaksap

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    I measured the axle of the hub as being 145mm. Maybe the hub itself is 135? I don't know exactly where to measure. It is all stock.
    But thanks on the tip for the Origin8. It looks like I may need to modify it some for it to fit, but if that is what it takes...
  7. RojoRacing

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    The problem is wheel on trainers like your require those big round steel ends to fit into the trainer. Dt swiss wont work for a wheel on trainer because the handle doesn't look in. For my wheel on trainer I bought 5mm threaded rod from the hardware store or online, it was like 3 feet long then grabbed two cheap all steel skewers and used the nuts from each. You cut the threaded rod to whatever length is needed to act as your skewer axel then hand tighten the nuts onto each side. I machined some flat areas on mine to tighten with a wrench but honestly as tight as you can by hand then the clamping force of the trainer will keep everything tight.
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    Jason, you are a genius on DIY stuff (and beyond)! I do have two nuts, so I will just do what you said if the Kinetic people don't have any solution for me.
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    expanding thread ever so slightly....

    why the kinetic?

    i am looking at smart trainers and like kinetic but also wonder about KICKR as well.... anyone... bueller.... anyone?
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    I like your solution, but because I'd rather not give up the quick release or change when putting the V on the trainer, I slotted the cup to hold the skewer. You can buy a pre-slotted Kinetic Trainer cone Cup for Tandem. Instructions here. Then there's
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