New and Improved Headrest Clamp

Discussion in 'Innovators Workshop' started by RojoRacing, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. RojoRacing

    RojoRacing Donut Powered Wise-guy

    I was wondering what ever became of that conversation I had with the powers to be. I never heard back about whether or not they secured a line on mass producing the clamp for future bikes. I'm sure some out that can make them for pennies on the dollar it cost me.
  2. ratz

    ratz Wielder of the Rubber Mallet

    We got the to pet the prototype at the retreat; the elegance of your design was a point of discussion to highlight the contributions owners make to the product line evolution.
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  3. DavidCH

    DavidCH In thought; expanding the paradigm of traversity

    If Jason carries on as being Jason, I think I will frame mine and put it on the wall.
  4. bazzawill

    bazzawill Active Member

    I would be interested in how that conversation went. I would like to think the ingenuity of our communities engineers are being rewarded. Unless it is covered by NDA
  5. Itripper

    Itripper Member

    What is the weight diff between stock and this clamp?
  6. RojoRacing

    RojoRacing Donut Powered Wise-guy

    no idea, I don't have the stock one handy anymore and I have no more new ones at this time to weigh.
  7. Ivan_Liew

    Ivan_Liew Member

    I've been been using the Rojo clamp on my Silvio 2.0 for some time. It's definitely better than the original and reduces headrest movement and rattling when I hit a bump - so it's not only for ease of adjusment.

    My Silvio only had one hole so I just used one bolt so far, and will consider drilling a second hole in my frame but it's not urgent. Now my seat is more firmly attached to the frame which is a plus. The only downside to this is that it is harder to take my saddlebags on/off but it's a small trade off. Highly recommended! :)
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  8. scabinetguy

    scabinetguy Well-Known Member

    Not that I have ever had a complaint concerning the stock head rest on the Silvio or Vendetta, I decided to make an "adjustable" head rest. I don"t know if Maria is still pursuing this design or not, she did have some interest a while ago. I made it out of an ADEM head rest pad and fastened it with a water bottle cage type mount. This mount makes it possible to adjust the head rest not only in and out but up and down. You can actually make quick adjustments during a ride. DSC_5449 copy.jpg DSC_5454 copy.jpg
  9. ReklinedRider

    ReklinedRider Zen MBB Master

    Very ingenious! Have been about to go the Thor seat mod route but think i will try your solution first. Thanks for posting.
  10. tiltmaniac

    tiltmaniac Well-Known Member

    Nice! I wouldn't mind getting two of those too! ;)

    If Maria and Jim don't decide to do this, hopefully they'll consider at least shipping with some modded screws (I got frustrated with this for my bikes and got some longer bolts which I modified to make a 30 minute long process of getting the seat on into a 30 second long process).
    I like the scissor-clamps from a mechanical point of view (not likely to squeak, etc), but as shipped stock with the short screws, they're a royal pain to deal with.
    If you're using(/have) only one screw, I wouldn't be surprised about the headrest rattling. It really needs two mounts (i.e. both clamps/screws) to be secure in both dimensions in which it might (attempt to) move.
  11. RojoRacing

    RojoRacing Donut Powered Wise-guy

    Ok so I'm officially off the hook and you guys and gals can order these direct from CruzBike. So sorry for making such a cool thing and then failing to keep the parts coming but such is life and it's struggles sometimes. Click here for your new improved headrest clamp.
  12. Charles.Plager

    Charles.Plager Recumbent Quant

    That is simply awesome. Well done, sir!
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  13. ReklinedRider

    ReklinedRider Zen MBB Master

    As we say down south, that is pure-dee awesome!
  14. ChaleJake

    ChaleJake Active Member

    Just installed my new Perez clamp. Easy to do. I did not drill the seat pan. Much better than the old scissor clamp. Well done, Jason.
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