New and Improved Headrest Clamp

Discussion in 'Innovators Workshop' started by RojoRacing, Mar 23, 2016.

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    They actually have pictures of the clamp on the site-- looks just like that (CB pic below), though I'm happy to post pics too.


    Guide to the pic:
    The set screw for the rod is on the same axis as the bolt (which, in this picture, would be on the other side).
    The rod comes in perpendicular to both, and the rod's axis intersects with the bolt/set-screw axis.

    I'll modify mine by drilling out the set screw, and drilling a new hole for the rod off to one side, installing the rod off to the side where it will not attempt to intersect with the bolt.
    For reference, here is the original (imho better) design from the first page of the thread:

  2. RojoRacing

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    well that's the difference between a hand made $40 part that was out of stock 90% of the time and a mass produced $20 part that's readily available. I will say I appreciate the fact you guys notice the extra attention to detail I put into my designs.
  3. tiltmaniac

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    I think they could match your design more closely without spending more money (i.e. by moving the rod to the side instead of at centerline), but that is 100% Cruzbike's decision-- the current design is prettier, and suits the needs of people not mounting other seats to the frame.
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    I have installed the two new headrest clamps without the solid rod, as it was too heavy, and the length of the clamp was enough to stop it turning.
    I required to install foam behind the clamps, to push them up against the headrest tubes, so I could use the existing bolts.

    With the new solid clamps installed, the headrest and rear rack, no longer rocks side to side!

    A GREAT improvement!!!

    Thanks Jason!!!
  5. RojoRacing

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    Was the rod solid or hollow? The original rojo clamps where super thin alloy tubing, think plastic straw but aluminum.
  6. super slim

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    solid 5 mm dia weighing 15 grams!
  7. RojoRacing

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  8. tiltmaniac

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    So, I drilled a hole in both off-center using a hand-drill, used the same drill to drill out the threads for the set screws, then hammered the rod (with a hammer) through the holes I made (which were intentionally a hair too small).

    The rod is *very* snugly fit. It isn't going anywhere. The screws can go all the way through, since the rod is off-center.
    It is now installed in my S30, with the second (lower) clamp used to mount the seat as well as the headrest-tube.
    It does so without any problem (little futzing about to find the appropriate screw-hole).

    Happy customer. Yeay! :)
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    I just LOL at my previous picture post when an email notification for this thread popped up :rolleyes:
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