New QX100 on the way to try out this recumbent MBB style of bike

Discussion in 'Adventure Series (Q451, Q559, QX100)' started by Owen, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Owen

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    Late last summer I had asked some questions on the forum to get a comparison of the Silvio vs the QX100. Having never ridden a recumbent of any kind (other than 5 minutes on one of my parent's trikes) I was trying find out what I could. Ratz in particular was very helpful in the information he provided.
    I continued to monitor the forum, and really appreciated the general tone and content of those who post. If the QX works out, I may get hooked and want to try out something a little faster. Anyway, just wanted to thank everyone for the forum posts, and say I am excited to try out a new style of bike, since I have not had an interest in sitting on uncomfortable bike seats for the last couple decades.
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  2. ChaleJake

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    I think you will be happy,happy, happy. Use the learning to ride tips. I started on a Sofrider and now have a S30 which I love. Welcome to the Tribe.
  3. It's easy to get hooked. I started out on a Quest 451 (predecessor to the QX100) in 2014, added an older Silvio 1.5 in 2015, modded the Q with 24" wheels and an air shock in 2016, and sold the S1.5/bought a demo S30 frameset in January.

    +1 to using the learning-to-ride tips. Watching videos helps, too.
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  4. Owen

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    I have looked at the videos a bit. Have to check them out in more detail once the bike arrives.

    Is it fairly typical for people to use clipless pedals and shoes so as to spend less energy holding feet in position? Having not had a recumbent ever, I have never tried those. Any suggestions?
  5. ratz

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    Start with flats and shoes you won't have a problem eventually mountain bike style clip-less can improve the experience by giving you more connectivity with the bike; it's not needed but a lot of people really like it.

    But do read the learning to ride thread;
    Spring Time - Learning To Ride Time

    It seems silly but we have scores of people that either did that right away and others that waited but then caved and did it. All report great results; the geometry is new and you have to train the brain for max success. Think back to all the slow speed work you did as a kid on a bike and you'll see why we advocate the slow stuff; anyone can go fast in a straight line; but that's not the skill that leads to successful, safe and fun riding.
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  6. I rode my Q with MTB-style pinned platform pedals for nearly two years before finally switching to clipless pedals. I went clipless on the Silvio within the first month, since my feet were higher relative to the seat.
  7. Owen

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    Any suggestions for a car rack that I can use if I do not want to cut into the fascia of my car to put in a hitch to haul a QX100? I realize that I can take off the wheels and fold down the bike small enough to fit in a trunk if necessary, but I would like something that I could do more quickly.
  8. billyk

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    What Ratz said. The main thing is not to be in a hurry. It's a different experience and has a learning curve. The "learning to ride" link he posted is dead on. Just remember, every person on these threads went through this curve and you can too. When you gain confidence on these bikes you will "own" it.
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