New to CruzBike and considering a purchase of the V20 frameset

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  1. Bob, I was born in Appleton, grew up in the Hortonville area and now I live south of Green Bay. So yes, it is rather flat in these areas.
  2. ratz

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    Well then, "Radar" hill in Hortonville and high cliff in Sherwood are the only the only obstacles to a 130 bcd. If I do the door county century this year I'll let you know.
  3. Radar Hill? ..... Grandview Road heading east out of Hortonville?
  4. ratz

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    Non other. I can't count the number time I headed out that way. but I would call it heading westing into Hortonville :)
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  5. Yes, I seek out hills like this whether I'm on my road bike or my recumbent. I like the challenge since this area is so flat. :)
  6. I ordered the V20 frameset today. Getting excited .......!!!! Already have Sram 53/39 crankset 175mm (to be shortened), I have Doval 52/39 chain rings.

    Now, I'm wondering about the cassette size. Again, it's mostly flat where I bike but I like to find hills whenever I can to train on them. Anyway, I've been thinking Sram 11-32 or 11-36. Any thoughts out there?
  7. RojoRacing

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    Depends on your fitness and what your hills look like. My hills are mountains to most others and you just don't see recumbents in my mountains. 11-32 is nice for the average fit rider on the average climb, 11-36 if you think yourself to be a little below average or your climbs are above par.
  8. RojoRacing

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    Also I'm pretty sure we determined Doval rings can't be properly clocked to match a recumbents crank to ride angle like you can with Q-rings
  9. Thanks for the input Jason!

    At the price of the Doval's, I/ll give them a try. If it doesn't work I'll go back to round and maybe save a few bucks and go with Q-rings in the future.

    The 11-32 will probably be ok for me and my area.
  10. Progress has been very slow due to work overtime and many other obligations :(.

    I am at the point that I have to shorten the boom-slider assembly (according to the calculation Boom Length = LLL + Crank Length + 8 cm) to 81 cm from handle bar bracket to the center of the bottom bracket.

    This means I have to cut 5.5" or 14 cm. Does this sound correct? I dont want to take off too much!

    Thanks, Kurt
  11. ratz

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    that's not unreasonable; at 5'9" I take more than that; leaving just roughly 18" of insert; but you won't go that far until you have gotten her dialed in.
  12. cranky cyclist

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    What is the reason to cut the boom?
  13. ratz

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    • if you are too short you can't make the boom short enough as it's long enough for very tall people.
    • if you want to shave weight you ones you know your favorite length you can cut the inserted portion of the boom down to 18inches without compromising the stiffness. but that does limit the resell options for sizing if you upgrade later.
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  14. Okay, that sounds good, I'll proceed .......

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