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  1. I had wondered if a straight bar would raise the hands too much. I want to move the grips to more of a "handshake" position, which would move the levers away from my knees, while keeping the distance between the bottom of the grips similar to what it is now. I'm considering something like a Bacchetta or Volae handlebar, or else adding long MTB bar-ends to a straight or riser bar.
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    Yes, the handshake position is what I like, this adding the bar ends as you are thinking.

    In your March 18 2016 posting the I notice that your seat is back more than my seat. With your seat back your legs would be closer to the bars, although putting the seat more forward would make you needing to push out the BB lowering it, making it less aero, but is that bad for the Q? Depends on your needs/priorities.
  3. That's a thought. I don't remember why I chose that particular position, other than not wanting to be too close to the steering mast, and trying to get the seat angle somewhere around 45 degrees. I might have to experiment with that this weekend.
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    Note that with the seat more forward, then the seat pan angle increases slightly. It is not a problem, but it's on my list to put some kind of wedge between the seat pan and pad to see what that does for me.

    One thing is that it will raise me a little higher so the reach to the ground at a stop will be higher. I've also thought to avoid this I would make another seat pan with a cutout forward so the frame goes up through the cutout making the seat pan level and not raising the height.
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    Remember that if you move the seat base to far forward, then the load on the front wheel will increase past the recommended 45% to 50% of the total load!
  6. True. I wouldn't want to go any further forward than emeljay has his, for that reason and for the seat-pan tilt. I went back in the thread and saw my photo of the Q next to the Silvio 1.5, with their matching seat angles and seat-pan placement. I didn't try to make the Q match the S; I had the Q first, and that's where the seat ended up when I set it up. So that may be an optimal position for me.
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    I have moustache bars with trigger shifters on both my Sofrider and my Cruzigami (and I can't seem to find any pictures ?????). On my folding tandem I have something similar with wider handlebars

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    I use a flat bar on the QX, with bar ends.
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  9. Unfortunately can't see your photo, just a gray circle with a minus sign.
  10. After seeing how the Bacchetta handlebar (pre-2016 Giro, 21" width) looked on @qajaqdennis' QX100, I ordered one. Had to to unwrap the shift and brake cables from around the head tube to get enough length for the new shifter and brake lever position, and cut about 1/2" off each end to accommodate the grips. It did well on a test ride--no more shifter interference with the knees--and I have more space on top for mirrors, headlight, Garmin mount, etc. I have room to cut another inch off the bars if I find the ends interfere with my legs on tight turns.

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    How much was the bacchetta handle bar?
    I bet it was a lot less than $475!

    Is it a straight line from your shoulder to the BB via the handle bar grips?
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  12. $40 plus $7 shipping.

    Probably pretty close. My hands are lower than on the stock bars, by a couple of inches. I'll try to get a side-view picture of me on the bike this weekend.
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