Rear Rack for S30 for a trunk bag

Discussion in 'Innovators Workshop' started by BikeGary, Sep 5, 2017.

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    Flollowing a photo I found here on the forum of a S30 with a bike rack for a trunk bag, I bought the parts,
    a Nitto R-14 Top Rack from a Japanese supplier, Blue Lug. (Rivendale was out and it was cheaper even with international shipping.) The 2 of largest Nitto P-clamps that Rivendale carries, and a 6 ft piece of 7mm AL rod from Orange Aluminum a supplier of AL rod.

    I used a 3lb maul, and an old vise anvil to beat the ends flat, then a drill to put mounting holes in the ends, Then I cut to fit the rods once I had the rack basically in place. (I used two Nitto P-clamps on the head rest and a couple of zip ties for insurance if / when the p-clamps break. I've used P-clamps from my local hardware store for years and they always break after a long while.)

    Seems to flex with the rear suspension and the weight limits of the rack, 14lbs is appropriate for the trunk bag at 7lbs with lunch, tools, parts etc.

    Hope this helps anyone else looking for a rear rack solution for their S30
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  2. BikeGary

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    Here's two images. Time spent, an afternoon, as I tend to fiddle around before I cut things just to make sure it fits. I did use a hacksaw to cut the rod, and a file to smooth the edges once I was done. I have enough rod left to make one more long support rod. I suppose if I cared about weight I could trim the two forward rods as well. But seriously I could eat one less doughnut and that would amount to the same weight loss.

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    Another option you should try: take out the headrest rails, turn them upside down, and reinsert.
    You end up with a slightly not-flat mounting platform for a bag.

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