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    My first post here and currently not a CB owner. I have owned 7 different recumbents including one FWD which was a Reynolds Zbone which was not an MBB. Haven't had a recumbent for a few years now. Looking at the QX100 or a used Quest.

    On my previous bikes I used seat back bags. The last bag was for the Lightning P38 but I don't have that bag or any seat bag anymore. I generally like to use the bag for storage and especially for carrying a water bladder inside.

    Any suggestions for bags would be appreciated.

    Another question is related to seat comfort in general. The seats I liked the best were the Bacchetta Euromesh and the carbon fiber seat that came on the Zbone.
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    I have a Radical Solo Aero - fits well, but with a reclined seat it needs an extra strap on top to keep it from dragging on the tire. Still a good & convenient solution though.

    This is so personal, and probably depends on your size/back length. Replacement seats are possible, including on the Quest - search the forum..
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