Silvio - $2200 - Corvallis, OR

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  1. Zzzorse

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  2. Tuloose

    Tuloose Well-Known Member

    Price drop to $2200 for this Silvio 2.0
    Includes shock pump, 2 Zefal Spy mirrors and Wellgo combination platform/SPD pedals.
    Get it before I list it on BROL.
  3. keithkling

    keithkling Member

    So, you got a Vendetta, eh? Now I'll never be able to catch you.
  4. Tuloose

    Tuloose Well-Known Member

    I remember Joy mentioning how she wanted to get a V when we were at the Cruzbike Retreat.
    Are you still thinking that direction?
    It's true that going Cruz means you may have to find a faster crowd to ride with.
    Sometimes I feel a bit sorry for the diamond frame riders who are at such an aerodynamic disadvantage as I pass them by.
  5. keithkling

    keithkling Member

    Like Mick Jagger said: "You can't always get what you wa-ant." We would both like to get Vendettas but we have to save up for them. Yeah, I passed a young guy today and he was very surprised. He tried to catch me as we were going into the wind and he just couldn't. That was fun! I don't always pass people, though. I'm not very fast, but there are times when I feel like I have to push it and pass someone. Hehe.
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  6. benphyr

    benphyr New Member

    I so want..but am in a land far, far away - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and where commuting on roads requires fenders and larger than 25c tires..
  7. Tuloose

    Tuloose Well-Known Member

    I had fenders mounted on this bike with 25c tires but that was the upper limit.

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