T50 - whatcha planning to build.....

Discussion in 'Freedom Series (T50 Complete, and T50 Kit)' started by ratz, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Paruig

    Paruig Member

    Not enough to fit a mudguard.
  2. Palzkrumbeer

    Palzkrumbeer New Member

    Hello all,
    i got the idea of getting a frame and putting the parts of my well-used Fahrradmanufaktur T-50 on it to save costs. One question i got now, is if other brakes besides discbrakes are possible too.
    thx in advance for answers
  3. Frank Costantini

    Frank Costantini New Member

    In the photo, what type of mount is that holding the computer on the boom? Where to get one?
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  4. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    Terra Cycle Multipurpose accessory.
    I don't know what your steerer?? stem diameter is so you need to measure it.

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